Kalau orang susah, buat cara orang susah. Jawapan makcik buat lelaki ini terkedu

A lady infront of me sat down with paperbag from Kedai1Malaysia. I asked her what did she buy there. Eggs, noodles, sauce among other things. She was so keen to share with me the things she brought.

Ada kenduri this weekend.

I asked her about the shop. She said it is cheap. Her legs not strong enough to walk the big hypermarkets around. It maybe cheaper, but she is not strong. I see. As a cook, I asked her what does she think of the quality of the food? She said that, yes the taste is just mediocre.

"Kalau orang susah, buat cara orang susah. Bising makanan berkhasiat tapi kalau tak mampu takkan nak lapar. Makan apa yang ada."

There goes a line that I can't debate anymore.

I try again, kalau pandai masak, guna apa bahan sedap juga ye. She said this, its not the same really. "Mak mana tak nak bagi yang terbaik untuk anak-anak dia kan.... Dahlah, dah tak boleh buat apa"

I think I kind of like hurt her feelings. Pity this mother.

I explained that I did not mean anything bad shopping there. She smile. She said she understands. She just felt helpless. She cannot fight it, she only can spend what she has and the best for her family. She cooks, so I told her that there is no gift but a mother's meal.

"Harap-harap gitulah"

I hope that I didn't hurt her feelings. I keep quiet. As she stands up as her destination is about to arrive, I stand and said "Untung anak-anak makcik"

She smile the best smile I ever seen since.

Today as I was writing this in the hospital, all I see are the caretakers, doing and giving their best. Their very best. Have we done our best?
Syed Azmi small lamb

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